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Little Big Planet plushes

Big news for all the Little Big Planet fans: now you can have your favorite characters in the shape of these knit-bodied, 6-inch puppets. They come in 2 packs ($20), and Marvin and Voodoo will also be soon available. Fun!

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OLPC XO-1.5 close to be released?

The OLPC XO-1.5 is allegedly close to be released. FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has granted today its approval; plus, now we know that it will also feature a 3D graphics engine and a HD video decoder. Rumors about the price say it will cost about $ 100.

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Apple tablet’s look revealed?

Hold your breath! In a few hours Apple will be presenting its brand new tablet, whose name we still don’t know. Engadget might have scored the scoop, though: the picture above might reveal how the tablet will look like. What do you think?

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New Apple tablet to pose a threat to DS and PSP?

Will the new Apple tablet really pose a threat to Nintendo (NTDOY) and Sony (SNE)?
The latest speculations say so, as Robert fabricant from FastCompany argues that Apple tablet will be the final step towards a total Apple-dominance of the game market. It even removes the greatest hurdle so far concerning iPhone (namely, the tiny screen).
Many says, though, that this threat is rather a long-term one, as PSP and DS owners won’t stop buying expensive games for now opting for low-cost tablet games; moreover, there won’t be as widely owned as to pose a serious threat – for now at least :)
What do you think?

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Lego Click, the new Lego community online

CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film from Lego Click on Vimeo.

There’s a brand new community online called Lego Click, just launched by…guess who? Above you can watch the video promoting the community which will make all the Lego enthusiasts very happy. Everyone will be able to share their Lego experience with the world.

Have a look at the new site here.

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Apple in talks for trade educational e-books for the new tablet

Just a few days before the release of the new Apple tablet ( the multimedia touchscreen tablet) rumors keep growing. Apple, in fact, is said to be negotiating with several companies for contents. According to Apple Insider, the new tablet might be used in schools as the company is in talks with educational publisher McGraw-Hill and trade book publisher Hachette Book Group, with the goal of creating interactive e-books that make it possible to study on the tablet.
Do you think e-books would make studying more appealing to students (and less expensive to parents?)

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Kids are full-time media consumer, study says

A research conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that kids spend almost every waking hour not spent in school consuming various media (tv, music, videogames, websites etc.). According to the study, the average 8- to-18 years old had nearly 11 hours of media exposure per day. This might be due to the fact that the number of media devices in the mome has increased: almost all of the surveyed reported having a TV, DVD player, radio, computer, video game console, and CD player in the house.
Another interesting data is that parents seem to be more concerned with placing restrictions on media usage.
Do you think time spent by kids consuming media is too much or is this a somehow “natural” trend?

via arstechnica

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Apple Tablet (iSlate or iPad?) designed for families

The 27th of January will be a date to remember for all of you tech-lovers. Apple will be presenting its new tablet, a portable computer that will allow users to interface with the system directly on the screen. There have been many rumors on the Net on the new device and its possible name. Some say it will be called iSlate, some others iPad (but we’ve also heard of iTablet and iGuide).

According to a Wall Street Journal report the new tablet will be shared by the whole family: children will play games and read email, while grown ups will read their newspapers and books. Apple is also allegedly negotiating with TV networks for offering a monthly subscription including most popular programmes and is currently teaming up with Electronic Arts to make the tablet a videogame console.

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11-year-old creates app and gives proceeds to children’s hospital

An 11-year old boy wrote an application for iPhone, then decided  to donate some of the proceeds from that app to a children’s hospital (the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in Westwood and Santa Monica) where he was receiving care at the moment. Cameron learned how to programme watching Stanford University professors on iTunes and managed to create an app called iBrush, a drawing and painting programme which also allows you to send your drawings via email. Visit Cameron’s blog for more info.

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Valentine’s day Wii Remote

Are your kids still into Valentine’s days home-made cards? if not, here’s the solution for the perfect Valentine’s day gift (maybe…) :). Nintendo has released a new Wii Remote that come in two colors: blue for boy and, needless to say, pink for girls. Available for $ 54.99 the remote will be bundled with a Wii Motion Plus accessory.

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