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Summer Readings: Fifty Dangerous Things (you Should Let Your Children Do)

Here’s a hint for a great summer reading which also turns out to be a fantastic list of summer fun things to do: the book Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do), a book that any geek parent should have at home :)
Lots of games and activities!
Read a review of the book here, then you can buy it here

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Try Science, a website for little scientists

Here’s a piece of advice for those of you who have little scientists in the house :)
Try Science gathers dozens of great, fun experiments that can be done on and offline. The website also has lots of resources for parents and teachers, as well as cool scientific games.
Worth a look.

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Vote your favorite App for Healthy Kids

Remember what we told you about the Apps for Healthy Kids, the competition for designing apps, games and other tools that help children make healthier lifestyle choices announced by Michelle Obama?
The competition is now closed and you can browse and test all of the applications submitted (some to download, some to be played online and some to carry on your smartphones) on the Apps for Healthy Kids website. Get ready to vote your favorite app from July 14th to August 14th!
via Christy’s Family Computing Blog

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Darth Vader USB Hub

Geeker and geeker! Here is the 4-port Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub ($66) which will be just perfect as an adjunct to your Star Wars Mac. You can also listen to the Dark Lord breathe ! :)
via playgrounder

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ThredUP, swap your kids’ gently-worn clothes online

Your kids love to shopping, but our family budget won’t cooperate? :)
Here’s a website that you might find useful: ThredUp, a place where you can conveniently swap your kids’ gently-worn clothes with kids’clothes from all over the country.
And you can have your kids participate in the picking-up decision…

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Build your own robotic bug with Ollo Bug Robotic Kit

If any of your kids is a wannabe entomologist, here’s the perfect gift that will avoid you storing scorpios or spiders in your refrigerator :)
The Ollo Bug Robotic Kit, available for $ 100, allows your kids build their own creepy, crawly little bug.
You can create 4 different types of robotic bugs and a wide range of custom robots!

via playgrounder

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What to do with your old games, consoles & co.

Here’s a good piece of advice from Christy Matte at her Family Computing blog: she suggests you donate your old gaming systems to the Get-Well Gamers Foundation. They refurbish them when necessary, then distribute them to their network of more than 80 children’s hospitals. Read more at the Get Well Gamers website, where you can find a list of acepted games, systems, controllers and much more.

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First Five iPad Games from Joystiq

Were you wondering what are the best Apps and games for iPad? Check out this list at Joystiq of your first Five fav iPad games!

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Three Minute Picture Show: movies made by kids

There’s an interesting event/contest coming up in early August from the Three-Minute Picture Show. This year, they are holding a special event for movies made by kids. You just have to make your movie through July, then (after you’ve registered to the website) submit it. You will have the chance of showing it at the final event being held in either San Francisco or Portland on a big screen and in front of a live audience! Read more at the Three Minute Picture Show website.

via Geek Dad
Image Credit: Three MInute Picture Show via Geek Dad

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Kids Solutions to BP Oil Spill

Kids all over U.S. are the most concerned about the ecological disaster (and that’s quite obvious, since it’s going to affect their future more than ours)
Videos proposing solutions to the oil spill are all over the Net these days.
Above you can watch one of the cutest :)

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